You’re taking a huge step, propelling your life forward, becoming the person you were meant to be. Telling Mom was a cake walk. Your friends? They always knew. But how do you tell your children: daddy’s out.

daddy’s out is a space for exploring the intersections of fatherhood and personal identity; of growing up and living out; of standing tall and falling short. We’ll explore the changing tide of manhood in America (and hopefully elsewhere). We’ll question how modern society has (re)shaped the role of fathers. And we’ll place it all against the backdrop of what it means to be a gay man in an age where coming out is arguably easier, and living out has taken on a new tone. We’ll talk about how we raise our children, how we grow with them, and how they can show us parts of the world–parts of ourselves–that we almost missed.

not just for the boys

daddy’s out is not just for the boys. It is a platform for all people, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, to come together around the struggle to be our authentic selves, and to bring our individuality into our families and communities.

also for the village

daddy’s out is a space to share the challenges and triumphs of parenthood. It does not just take a community to help raise our children. It takes a community to share our successes, to pardon our failures, and to support our growth as much as our kids’. daddy’s out is also a space where the members our village can join the conversation, because it would not be complete without them.